The following are in addition to London’s Country Houses published by Phillimore in 2009, reprinted 2010.

A History of Kensington Palace was written by Peter Gaunt (Volumes 1 & 2 covering the period 1600-1760) and Caroline Knight (Volumes 3 & 4 covering the period 1760-1945). It was a research project for the Department of the Environment (Royal Palaces Division), and was not intended for publication.


"The Irish in London: post-Restoration Suburban Houses"
Irish Architectural & Decorative Studies Vol. 1, 1998, pp. 60-83.
This article looks at three suburban properties: Belsize House, Hampstead; Chiswick House; and Ormonde Lodge, Richmond.

"The Rev. Sir George Wheler, a 17thC Traveller & Collector"
Georgian Group Journal Vol. 10, 2000, pp. 21-35

“Somerset House: the History of the Building”
British Art Journal Vol. 2, No. 2, 2001, pp. 6-13.

“Dutch Courtiers in Britain: William III & his Circle” Dutch & Flemish Artists in Britain 1550-1800 
Leids Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, 13, Leiden 2003, pp. 275-86.
This examines the royal lodgings and country or suburban houses of two Dutch courtiers.

"An Early Cottage Ornée": Craven Cottage & Lady Craven
Georgian Group Journal Vol 19, 2011, pp134-144.


"The Cecils at Wimbledon" The Early Cecils: Culture, Patronage & Power
ed. Pauline Croft, Yale 2002, pp. 47-66.
This examines William Cecil’s Wimbledon Rectory and his son Thomas Cecil’s Wimbledon House.

“Designing for Protestant Worship” Defining the Holy: Sacred Space in Medieval & Early Modern Europe, ed. A. Spicer & S. Hamilton, Ashgate, 2005, pp. 115-36. This was largely written by the late Annabel Ricketts, and was edited for posthumous publication by Caroline Knight and Claire Gapper.

“The Environs of London: the Suburban Villa as Rural Retreat” The Renaissance Villa in Britain 1500-1700, ed. M. Airs & G. Tyack, Spire Books, 2007, pp. 127-139.

"The Buildings of the Royal Academy" The Royal Academy of Arts: History and Collections , ed. Robin Simon, Yale 2018, pp 22-55